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BPS esthetic dentures require less time at the dentist’s office and prevent sore spots caused by ill-fitting dentures. Our highly trained technicians use the unique Ivocap injection process to ensure limited shrinkage aloowing for a proper fit and the elimination of sore spots. BPS dentures start with a processed base which is tried in at the second appointment (Bite Blocks or Functional Esthetic Control Base) to allow you and your patient to see how the final denture will fit. A Functional Esthetic Control Base allows you to show the patient the six anterior teeth set up for color and shape preferences. An FECB also allows for you to check the patients high lip line, low lip line and the midline at only the second appointment. If needed, you are able to make adjustments to the final processed base at this time. Since processing-related increases in vertical dimension do not occur with SR Ivocap, wax patterns can be exactly reproduced. Destruction of occlusal morphology caused by time-consuming adjustments can virtually be eliminated.



Optimum function with natural aesthetics

Utilizes the SR Ivocap injection system

Optimum shrinkage compensation enables the fabrication of dentures that fit precisely

Exceptional polishability of the denture base material reduces the build-up of plaque

The homogeneous denture base minimizes the risk of irritating the mucous membrane




Premium dentures include all of the benefits that you will recieve with a BPS denture, but start with a light cured base. Our premium dentures also utilize the Ivocap Injection system to ensure limited srinkage allowing for proper fit and elimination of sore spots. 




Our classic denture line is the most economical denture available. Classic dentures utilize the standard processing technique known as "pouring." Our classic dentures are a great alternative for patients that want the most econmical option available. 

  • BPS Dentures - "Not All Dentures Are Created Equal"

















  • Premium Dentures





  • Classic Dentures


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