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Authorized Lava Milling Center- Houston Dental Lab

Our CAD/CAM department features the Lava Scan ST from 3M. This commercial scanner is like no others on the market today. Our scanning process is unlike other labs who are concerned with quantity over quality, and choose to scan upward of 15 dies at a time. Even though we have the ability to scan multiple dies at once, we put time and thought into each of our cases, scanning every case individully with the adjacent teeth, ensuring your restoration receives the proper amount of support everytime. Our scans are always precise and produce an excellent marginal fit. You will be amazed at the difference in the quality of the restorations that our software and mill will provide.


Our technicians have been trained on the most advanced software on the market, Lava Design 7 and Dental Wing. Atlantis and Straumann apps within our software provide seamless connectivity and workflow for custom abutments providing us with the ability to design the crown while the abutment is in production. Also, we ensure that each restoration is tailored to your specific preferences by utilizing software parameters. Our advanced software and training help to provide our doctors with the function and esthetics that they deserve.


Along with our design software, we also have an in-house milling center which enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality restorations. Our Lava Form mill is unlike the rest. The majority of other labs utilize desktop mills, which do not provide the precision and accuracy of fit that you will find with the Lava Form. In addition to precise milling, each restoration is inspected and seated under high powered microscopes. With over 7 years of in-house milling, our experience, expertise, and equipment sets us apart from the rest.

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