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As a full serivice laboratory, Anderson Dental Laboratory posses the experience and technology to service any request, from a single crown to a full mouth restoration.

Lava Zirconia

Lava Plus Full Contour Zirconia

Lava Zirconia provides both strength and translucency


Choose from our three different lines of dentures

Lava Plus Full Contour Zirconia provide beauty AND strength

Lava Ultimate 

Lava Ultimate contains a spring like absorbancy.

Experience our precise fitting metal framework partials at a affordable price

Cast Metal Framework Partials

Pressed Ceramics

Looking for esthetics? Look here!


Traditional porcelain fused to metal crown

Acrylic Partials 

Take advantage of our affordable acrylic partials!

Implant Restorations

Make implants easy by using our experienced implant department

Flexible Partials

All flex and no break with our flexible partials!

Denture and Partial Repairs

Repairs done right! Same day local repairs available!

Locator Overdenture

Implant retained dentures

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