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EMAX | The Ceramic Revolution is Here

The durable and highly esthetic ceramic

At Anderson Dental Lab, we have long featured IPS e.max in our product line, and we are a firm believer because the science speaks for itself. With up to 10 years of clinical evidence, over 40 million restorations and a 98.2% survival rate, it is a proven system that provides highly durable and highly esthetic restorations.IPS e.max is a more esthetic alternative to the traditional PFM. IPS e.max- a state of the art material that demonstrates the highest strength in glass ceramics.


Make it Emax

Choose IPS e.max lithium disilicate for your next restoration and get the quality, confidence, beauty and strength that only one material can provide. Your patients deserve the absolute best – simply write “Make it e.max” on your next prescription.


EMPRESS | The Gold for All Ceramics

IPS Empress continues to set decisive standards as regards esthetics, function and processing.

Since the early 90s, the press technology has stood for accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations and has enthused patients, dentists and dental technicians alike.IPS Empress Esthetic is the material of choice when it comes to the fabrication of pressed, highly-esthetic single tooth restorations. In addition to the excellent strength values, the leucite glass-ceramic ingots are distinguished for their exceptional esthetics. The homogeneous material scatters light naturally and provides a balanced chameleon effect.With IPS Empress Esthetic, you can use a ceramic which offers more than pure performance. In fact, it effectively combines accuracy of fit, efficiency and esthetics.



  • Highly esthetic pressed restorations

  • 12 ingots in 7 levels of translucency

  • True-to-nature light scatting and balanced chameleon effect

  • Excellent press results and accuracy of fit

  • Flexural strength of 160 MP

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